In 1936, a group of epicures, many of them former pupils of Auguste Escoffier, gathered at The Waldorf-Astoria to discuss the formation of what was to become the nation's foremost fraternity of dedicated gastronomes, Les Amis d'Escoffier Society of New York, Inc. Membership consists of chefs de cuisine, hotel executives, restaurateurs and business executives.

Now a major institution in the culinary world, the Society gathers monthly for epicurean dinners, and holds two annual dinners, Le Diner de Printemps (Spring Dinner) and Le Diner d' Automne (Fall Dinner) to provide opportunities for its members' delight and edification and also generate gains in the perfection of the art of fine dining. The latter objective is promoted through the support of culinary education.

Between courses during each dinner, leading food and wine professionals comment on each dish and the wine with which it is served. To make the dinners an educational experience for amateurs and professionals alike, food is assessed for its preparation, texture, presentation and service. Observations are made concerning the wine, suitability for the dish with which it was paired, composition, origin and the background of its producers


An adjunct to the Society is Les Amis d'Escoffier Society Foundation, Inc. founded on March 16, 1955 in New York City, by Joseph Donon, Claudius Phillippe, Robert Audelan, Albert Simard, Herman Rusch, Raymond Bosquer and Edward Grenier as a non-profit, charitable organization that provides scholarships for students of the culinary arts. The organization also holds an annual Fundraiser, a reception to raise additional monies for the Foundation's Scholarship Fund, in the beginning of theyear.


To continue the standards of haute cuisine and culinary tradition established by Auguste Escoffier by marrying the resources of respected culinary professionals and enthusiasts in the sharing common culinary experiences, and also recognizing achievement in, and providing support of, culinary education through scholarships for students.